Cannery Brewing India Pale Ale: Now this is an IPA!

If you appreciate an excellent India Pale Ale (IPA) or you’re just looking for a beer that’s hard to stop drinking, try Cannery Brewing IPA.

IPA’s are a style of beer that many people completely avoid, or just can’t get enough of.  What Cannery has done with their IPA, however, is something that could turn that first crowd around. Cannery Brewing IPA is unique because of its softer bite, and outstanding finish.  It still has loads of hop, but Cannery has been able to give it some delicious malt flavours too, making it the sort of IPA you can appreciate.  The distinctness of this IPA also makes it a great beer to bring to a party or event, and enjoy with appetizers.  For those people who completely avoid IPA’s, it will be a pleasant surprise, and for those who just can’t get enough…well they won’t be able to get enough.

One point of interest is the blend of hops that Cannery puts in this IPA.  They use four different Pacific Northwest hop varieties, giving it a solid hop bite you can remember.  Cannery describes their IPA best by claiming it has, “a complex character and lingering hop finish.”

So if you’re looking for a crowd pleaser, or you’re up for something new, keep your eyes peeled for Cannery Brewing IPA at your local liquor store.  After your first sip, you’re sure to stand up and proclaim, “Now this is an IPA!”

Picture provided by Brianne Adams Photography.

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With 30 just around the corner, and my things unpacked and put away in my new home in North Burnaby, I've decided to give blogging a shot. Nothing ambitious, but a start, as I review movies and television shows I've recently watched. And I review beer too. I hope you enjoy.
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8 Responses to Cannery Brewing India Pale Ale: Now this is an IPA!

  1. Wow! What a review! We’re so glad you enjoyed it so much! Thanks for your great words. I’ll pass them along to our team.

    Thanks for your support and for enjoying our beers!

    The Cannery Brewing team

  2. Red Lion says:

    I’ve been telling people this for years now. One trick I use to win converts to proper beer is to pour 100ml of Cannery IPA into their pint of mass-market beer(Molsen, Bud, Miller etc.) and watch their reaction when they take a swig. Honestly, it’s like they’ve just discovered beer for the first time!!

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