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Life as a Sedin

“Are you Henrik or Daniel?” “Look! It’s Dendrik!” “You know who you look like? Those Sedin guys.” These are just three examples of comments and questions I’m constantly plagued with. Life as a Sedin is a little less glamorous than … Continue reading

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Cannery Brewing Maple Stout: Some Fine Winter Sippin’

It’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s raining outside. It’s a Vancouver winter. And if you’re looking for a beer to lift your spirits, pick up a bottle of Cannery Brewing Maple Stout. This is a terrific discussion piece, the sort … Continue reading

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Tom Hardy: The Next Big Thing

Tom Hardy. Here’s an actor who will be more and more popular as the summer of 2012 approaches.  With The Dark Knight Rises less than a year away, and Hardy set to play Bane, it’s safe to assume he’s on … Continue reading

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The Descendants: A Good Laugh, and a Good Cry

The Descendants starring George Clooney, and directed by Alexander Payne, is a dark comedy that spills over into a tear jerker, and moves from awkward moment to awkward moment. Clooney plays Matt King, a lawyer and the heir to a … Continue reading

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