Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA: Yowza!

Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA may be medium in the colour department, but it’s certainly not lacking anything when it comes to hops. And with an alcohol content of 8.5%, it’s definitely worth talking about.

While most breweries release their own versions of IPA’s, few venture down the double IPA road. Typically a double IPA may be more of an acquired taste, and with loads of hop flavour, it could end up as a beer that’s hard to enjoy. However, Amnesiac is a delicious surprise.
Like most people, you probably brace yourself for that first sip, waiting for a punch in the face taste of hops, but with Amnesiac there’s no need to fret. It goes down surprisingly smooth, especially considering it’s a double IPA, and leaves your taste buds with a terrific hoppy finish. Some IPA’s feel more like paint thinner than beer, but Phillips has done a notable job with their double IPA. It really is a beer you can enjoy.
And with the higher alcohol content, a beer drinker can take their time, savour every swallow, and appreciate this taste of heaven.

Phillips calls it a, “big beer,” and notes that it has, “tons of flavour and aroma.” Spot on description, Phillips, spot on. Their website recommends pairing it with gorgonzola or cambozola cheese. Again, spot on. With the hoppy finish, this beer requires a flavourful partner, so choose wisely. Again, the higher alcohol content comes in handy because a person can sip, nibble, socialize, sip a little bit more…and a little bit more. And since it’s a double IPA that’s great with food, it’s certainly a beer worth bringing to a party or event. It’s something to share, and talk about.

Available in a 650 ml bottle, packing 8.5% alcohol, containing hops, hops, and more hops, and the winner of bronze and silver medals from the Canadian Brewing Awards, this is a beer worth checking out. Pick up a bottle of Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA.

Photo by Brianne Adams Photography


About Bryan Candy

I currently live in Port Moody, and work in Vancouver. During the week, I teach English to international students and act as their events coordinator too. In my spare time, I enjoy weightlifting, watching television and movies, and reading and writing. On my website you'll find blog posts about things I enjoy, as well as information about my published work. I hope you enjoy.
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