Small Brewery, Big Flavour: Three Reasons to Check Out Cannery Brewing Company

Naramata Nut Brown Ale

For ale drinkers who fancy something smooth, and a tad on the dark side, look no further than Cannery Brewing Company’s Naramata Nut Brown Ale.

Nut brown ales are something not widely available in liquor stores, but like any style of beer, there’s always a dedicated audience for it.  Cannery describes Naramata Nut Brown as a, “velvety soft ale.” What you’ll experience are layers of malts, followed by a smooth finish and a bit of a hoppy bitter flavour left in your mouth, when all is said and done.  The rich malts are a key aspect of this ale, so if you lean towards something maltier, keep your eyes peeled for Naramata Nut Brown Ale, available in 650 ml bottles, and 6 x 355 ml cans.

Squire Scotch Ale

Like nut brown ales, scotch ales are a beer that can be hard to come by.  Again, there’s always a crowd looking for a solid scotch ale, and Cannery Brewing Company has managed to put out a distinct product, with their Squire Scotch Ale.

Squire Scotch Ale hits two birds with one stone: it’s  an ale that scotch drinkers will appreciate, and it’s an ale that craft beer drinkers will appreciate.  Some scotch ales go for a heavy peaty flavour, which would be recognised by a scotch drinker, but not always enjoyed by a craft beer drinker.  So rather than loading up on the peated malts, Cannery has gone for an alternative classic scotch trait, by making their scotch ale smoky.  The hops are gentle, and there’s a bit of sweet flavour to it as well.  It’s smooth, with only hints of peat, and a smoky finish.  So do as Cannery Brewing Company suggests:  get your plaid on!

Blackberry Porter

Amazing, simply amazing.  The best weapon in Cannery’s artillery is easily their blackberry porter.  Other breweries may boast about their IPA, or pale ale, or stout, but how many can boast about an award-winning blackberry porter?

This is the essence of craft beer.  Five varieties of malts, three kinds of hops, and natural, pure blackberry make up this dynamic porter.  It’s the rare sort of craft beer that pretty much any craft beer drinker would appreciate and savour.  Just before it reaches your lips the blackberry aroma hits your nostrils.  The flavour is of a classic porter with hints of blackberry.  This isn’t a fruit beer by any means.  The blackberry has been added to produce a perfectly balanced, and truly unique porter.  It will surprise lager drinkers, ale lovers, and fans of any dark beer.  Cannery describes it as, “an easy sipping wonder,” and that pretty much sums it up.  With craft beer on the rise throughout North America, and competition growing, this porter is a gem.

Available in 650 ml bottles, Cannery Brewing Company’s Blackberry Porter should be catapulted to the top of any craft beer drinker’s list.  Grab a bottle, a cold glass, sit back, get comfy, and let the sippin’ begin.

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Photos by Brianne Adams

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