Jim’s Course. Warning: Adults Only.

Being born and raised in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and attending school with the notorious Bacon brothers, I felt compelled to create a novel set in a small town that was impacted by a growing crime rate.

Jim’s Course, a work of fiction, is centred around a protagonist with more human qualities than most traditional main characters. Jim is no hero, he’s no genius, and his self reflection throughout the story is flawed at best. Using a small, gang stricken town, similar to the Abbotsford I remember, as the setting allowed me to explore themes that confused me as a teen and young man, and still confuse me today. The pace at which crime can grow, and rise from background to centre-stage is something I will never understand. Jim is faced with the same confusion, along with personal problems in his own life.

Jim has opted for a mundane life in a union warehouse and given up on a post secondary education. When he discovers a dead body one morning, his life is sent into a downward spiral of paranoia, anxiety, and self doubt.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Jim is his trend of acting first and justifying his actions later. This book examines a man who is very human, in that he doesn’t think about every decision he makes, but reacts to a situation, often irrationally, and comes up with reasons why he was correct in doing so after the fact.

If you’re interested in novel with elements of suspense, psychology, and dark comedy, be sure to check out Jim’s Course.


About Bryan Candy

I currently live in Port Moody, and work in Vancouver. During the week, I teach English to international students and act as their events coordinator too. In my spare time, I enjoy weightlifting, watching television and movies, and reading and writing. On my website you'll find blog posts about things I enjoy, as well as information about my published work. I hope you enjoy.
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